Stop listening to music.

I recently went camping for the night with a friend and it was great fun. We left at 2pm and got back at 8.30am the following day.

We didn't listen to any music at all, the only noise was conversation. I can't remember the last time I did that. I usually have music on in the studio constantly, and when I'm at home i'm usually listening to podcasts, while I'm walking i'm listening to podcasts, when I'm at the gym there's music on. The only silence I have is while sleeping, and I live in town so silence is hard to come by.

I noticed how much more I thought about stuff. I understand how some people don't like to be left alone with their thoughts, but I realised that I rarely am, and it can be very beneficial. Being forced to think about problems or issues and not having any distractions can really help you work out a solution, or at least give it more thought than you can usually.

When I got into work on Sunday morning, the music went straight back on again, and i certainly paid more attention to it, rather than being that constant background noise. I actively 'listened' to it.

So, I learnt something new, I'm going to take time off from music and headphones every now and then. I'll appreciate the quiet time, but also the music when I come back to it.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Speak to you Friday,



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