How to have a thriving music scene.

Go to gigs.

Any thriving scene relies on people. Average people into that scene. This applies to any scene, be it music, football, art, food etc. If no-one participates in these events, it's only a matter of time before the events stop happening.

If, for example you like the band Deftones, the only way they'll stop in your town is if there is a big enough venue. The only way you have a big enough venue is if there is enough business to keep it open, and the only way you get the necessary scene to keep a place like that open is if there is more than one venue/event/genre helping to grow that following.

If it wasn't for pubs like The Garibaldi, The LamplighterNN Cafe (to name a few) Northampton would have no music scene. Since the closing of the Soundhaus, places like these have stepped up to the plate and really pushed live music. Not only are the nights fun to attend, fun to perform at and hopefully, financially viable for the venues but they provide a much needed service to the music scene.

However, these events take time and effort and that needs to be rewarded for all involved to keep working hard to arrange these gigs.

I'm reminded of the many times, after telling someone 'it's £3 to get in tonight', I've received  a frown and sigh as if to say it's not worth it. I find it hard to see why it's not worth it. There are 3 bands, 1 promoter, 1 sound engineer and a venue (with staff), that's 12-15 people minimum, all working to put this event on. The venues have possibly opened early. The engineer has had to be booked for the night, the bands have had to arrive well before the doors open to soundcheck and the promoter has been working for 4 weeks-ish pushing the event on facebook, twitter, instagram, local papers, local radio etc. You'll get to hear 2 hours+ of live music (which has been written & rehearsed for dozens of hours by each act). If you're dealing with a promoter that pays the acts, and arguably someone that doesn't, isn't a promoter, then you are dividing that money between 12-15 people. Tell me, how is that not worth £3?

So, support local live music, venues, promoters & businesses. You can see a live gig and have a drink or two for roughly £10, you'll be helping the individual event and everyone involved, and the scene as a whole. Everyone's a winner, literally.

Or don't, stay at home, we can just have Yate's & Wetherspoons all over town instead.