You don't deserve it.

An acquaintance of mine had some creative success and I thought;

"You don't deserve it."

This raises a couple of issues. Firstly, why don't they deserve it? and secondly, who am I to decide who's worthy?

It made me really think about why I had that reaction, was it jealousy? Fear? Regret? Maybe all of them. I know it's a negative reaction and not something that's going to lead to a positive change in my life. I think it's a common reaction however, we hear of someone doing something desirable and we want it for ourselves, we then judge others based on that.

I think the correct reaction is 'good for you'. We don't really think that they should have it taken away, we really mean 'I want that too'. and there's no reason why we can't achieve whatever they have. Arguably, if we were on their track, if we had worked on the same things they had for the same time we'd probably have it too. We can all be successful, it's not them or us.

So, in summary, I need to be less selfish, we're all on our own paths and we can all get where we want to with time and work. I hope that's true and I think I believe it, the alternative is we're all going nowhere and it's a colossal waste of time, (in that case we better make it fun along the way).


Speak to you Friday,

- Josh.

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