10 Awesome People.

Afternoon folks, here it is. Friday 18th November's top five. It's my consolidated list of all things awesome this week. Feel free to share it around with whomever you think appropriate!

1) Video of the week.

Charlotte Carpenter - Fire

You can catch Charlotte on The Audio Works Podcast HERE.

2) Track of the week.

De La Soul - Royalty Capes.

3) Quote of the week.

“...if you apply experience, dedication, time, creativity, carelessness and care, study, patience and just tough hard work, to standup, you get better at it. If you apply all of that to parenting, you get worse.” 

― Louis CK.

4) Article of the week.

10 F*cking Awesome People I Only Know About Because Of The Joe Rogan Podcast

This is a great list, mine is into the hundreds having listened to every episode but these are a great start.

5) Gig of the week.

SBD presents "New Boots": Luna Rosa, Lois, Camping With Slough at Charles Bradlaugh, 18th November.

Speak to you Monday,