How Ranulph Fiennes made me stop worrying and start winning.

I know, my best headline so far right? I'm pretty pleased with myself.

Anyway, it's true. I get a lot of inspiration from simple quotes. I like how some people are able to condense complex ideas or topics into very few words. That's part of the reason why I love stand up comedy so much. If you listen to any of the current LA stand ups Bill Burr, Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir, Doug Stanhope, Joey Diaz, Marc Maron you'll notice that they are really good at articulating intricate ideas in as few words as possible. That's what happens when you practice a joke night after night, you trim the fat and keep the laugh with as few words as possible.

Unfortunately we don't get that opportunity all the time, sometimes we get one chance, and that's where Ranulph Fiennes comes in.

I was watching one of Guy Martin's speed programmes and he talks to Sir Ranulph about keeping going when it gets tough. Fiennes stated that he imagines his father and grand-father are watching him and that gives him the push he needs to carry on.

So, whenever i'm doing something challenging or even tedious I think of a couple of people that I admire and respect and I imagine what they would be saying to me. More often than not they're saying 'get on with it', which usually does the trick. Sometimes they say nothing, just the fact that I imagine them watching me is enough for me to try harder and not disappoint them.

This applies to working out, working long hours, keeping to my diet or just doing tasks that I don't particularly enjoy, but know that I shouldn't put them off any longer. I consider myself fairly motivated, but laziness is always round the corner. 

So, next time you need to practice a little more, re-string your guitar, or re-tune your drum heads try imagining two of your heroes watching over your shoulder, it might give you the push you need.

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