5 powerful points to rad-up your weekend.

My headline game is strong, don't hate.

This idea is stolen wholesale from the mighty Tim Ferris. He calls it Five Bullet Friday (I can't recommend it enough), and because I don't want a lengthy court battle, or even a dodgy look from the guy, I'll have to call it something else.

So here is this weeks...'5 powerful points'.

1) Video of the week;

Thrones - Winter

I happen to know these guys as they've practiced at the studio. Aside from the fact that they're decent blokes, they've worked hard, honed their craft and have recently completed a nationwide tour. Get to know them now as they're sure to take off.

2) Gig of the week;

Event details HERE - In honour of Viola Beach @ The Roadmender, Northampton. OhBoy!, An Army of Lights and Fox Chapel are performing and all proceeds go to the the families of Viola Beach. It's a powerful lineup and a solid cause. From what I understand there's a handful of tickets left so get them while you can.

3) Quote of the week;

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.” - Guatama Buddha

4) Article of the week;

Why Being Part of Your Local Music Scene Matters So Much More Than You Think - Johni Jackson

5) Thing of the week;

Bacon goes really well with Salmon, this might be common knowledge or a culinary no-no, but I tried it and I saw that it was good. Amen.


See you next week,



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