Life on the Road

I went to see David Brent: Life On The Road on Friday. Now, I'm a crazy mental fan so I've been excited about this for months and at 12:25 on the 19th August, I bloody watched it.

It's extremely difficult to write a comedic song without it sounding like a limerick. The fact that Ricky Gervais used Andy Burrows and friends probably helps. The tracks themselves are really good, very catchy, well produced and expertly written. The jokes keep coming and there's lots of rewards for loyal fans too.

I think the film would work as a stand alone piece, but it's difficult to say from my perspective as I'm well aware of all the previous Brent.

I'd also thoroughly recommend watching the film if you're a musician. So many of the scenes were familiar to me, I wont give too much away, but if you've ever been in a band or performed live you'll feel some of the pain and frustration that's portrayed on screen.

So go and watch it, it's the only film i've seen where everyone in the cinema was laughing together, the music is decent too.


Speak to you Friday,




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