How to cure jealousy in one easy step.

I recently saw a friends band play Glastonbury, half of me was cheering them on and half of me was jealous, which is wrong.

I've had that reaction before, I went to see another friend play guitar in a band to 10,000 people as part of a world tour. I was so inspired and proud that he was living his dream. Although I couldn't help feeling a little jealous. It stems from the feeling that I could be doing that, but through my actions I took a different path. His position seemed more exciting, more valuable, therefore I feel I may have made the wrong decisions, which is a difficult feeling to deal with.

I think that I'm doing a good thing with my life. I am fairly confident that what I have dedicated this portion of my life to is going well, and I give it my all, but I must admit I do tend to compare myself to other people and inevitably fall short (wether that's highly successful musicians, athletes or business people). I compare myself to people further down their road than me, rather than people at my level or just getting started.

"Compare, despair"

- I heard Ari Shaffir say this although I think it originates from Alcoholics Anonymous

If, for example you compare yourself to Keith Richards, you'll fail. You can't be Keith Richards, because he is Keith Richards. You can be a version of you that has dedicated yourself in the same way, you can be a similarly skilled/experienced person, rather than a copy of someone else.

I think it is that simple, If I had dedicated myself to those pursuits, I would be doing similar things. I have dedicated myself to this pursuit, and hopefully I have 50+ years left to do whatever I feel. I can't be everything all the time, so I must learn to focus on what I want to do and do it, and for now, I am.

So, I need to learn to not be jealous. I need to think 'good for them for doing what they're doing'. We're not comparable, it's apples and oranges. We're on different journeys, if i'm on the wrong path, now is the time to stop and get on the right one, otherwise, keep on keeping on.

Speak to you Friday.


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