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One of them is called something.




1) Track of the week.

Official Promo Video for Radiohead's "Pyramid Song".

Another fantastic song from Radiohead, forget just how much amazing music they’ve put out over the last couple of decades.

2) Video of the week.

DJ Jon1st performs an impromptu set for

3) Quote of the week.

“One of them is called something and the other one, likewise, is named as well.”
- Bob Mortimer

4) Interesting thing of the week.

I’ve had a hectic week this week so haven’t read much at all, any suggestions?

5) Gig of the week.

Collective Vinyl Sessions - Aidy West & Rich Bee, Sat 24th Nov

A very interesting new club night at Maule Collective. Awesome beer, awesome music.

Speak to you next Friday,


Hi, I'm Josh, do you want to watch me while I work?


Here is Friday 26th May's Top 5. Let's do this...

1) Video of the week.

The Audio Works Podcast #72 Damian Keyes - VIDEO VERSION.

I was fortunate enough to speak to Damian about various things, from starting BIMM to playing bass to hundreds of thousands of people. Damian brought his camera crew with him so you can watch this episode and see how the sausage is made, so to speak.

2) Track of the week.

Pearl Jam - Even Flow

I was a late comer to Pearl Jam, like most things. They are great and have an enormous back catalogue, check them out if you don't already know.

3) Quote of the week.

"If you can learn to share what you hope to communicate, written in a way that even a stranger can understand, you'll not only improve your communication, you'll learn to think more clearly as well." - Seth Godin

Can you tell I read a lot of Seth Godin?

4) Article of the week.

How to shoot on iPhone 7.

This is a very useful article on taking photos with an iPhone. A good photographer is a worthwhile investment, but sometimes you don't have anything to invest, so do it yourself with the help of this guide (it applies to other iPhones and phone photography in general).

5) Gig of the week.

Krysthla, Black Ink Sun, Thrones and Siderian at The King Billy, Northampton

Same as last week as THIS GIG IS TONIGHT. Go to it, if you want to see both technically and melodically talented musicians then this is for you.

Speak to you next Friday,


Adam Buxton is my legal high dealer.

"Variety is the splice of rice." - Adam Buxton

Powerful words from Dr. Buckles there, and some great words to heed. I'd also reccomend listenting to his podcast, you can find it here.

I've been listening to some music outside of my favoured genres this week and it's been great. I've had some Trap (Mura Masa pictured below), some dancehall and some house and the change of pace is really interesting. I tend to listen to a lot of Rock and Metal, from Jimi Hendrix to Periphery, but listening to some modern EDM sub-genres has been somewhat up-lifting. I've been more energised and with the addition of a large coffee my productivity has been off the charts.

Obviously, that isn't sustainable, it doesn't take much caffeine to give me the jitters and send my heart into erratic rhythms, which really stresses me out. I've found that the right music can give me that same energy boost, without the come down. It's something worth testing.

In this week Audio Works Podcast I spoke to Kate Williams about Yoga and the use of music within each session and it's the same principle. It's supposed to aid the task (yoga movements and meditation), without drawing too much attention to itself. That's what music can do, sometimes it's about listening to and analysing the music, and sometimes it's a soundtrack. Choose your soundtrack wisely and it can really help.

Speak to you Friday,


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