breaking bad

I'm sorry you feel that way.

I went to see Bostonian comic Bill Burr this weekend at the Eventim Apollo. I've seen him before and he's always hilarious. The ability to enthral a theatre full of people with just words amazes me, I struggle to tell one short anecdote to two friends.

Now, you always get hecklers, loud whistlers and chronic toilet breakers, and I find it difficult to ignore them and enjoy the show.

When it started I noticed that we had a guy a few seats away that maniacally laughed at the set-ups, not the punchlines, and rocked violently in his chair while whaling out these ill-timed laughs, he also took 4 toilet breaks meaning we had to get out our seats every twenty minutes or so. We also had a guy with an impressive wolf whistle, seriously, this thing was LOUD. It would have been more impressive if it hadn't been 12 inches from my ear.

Now, as this was happening I was very conscious that I shouldn't let other peoples behaviour affect mine or my enjoyment of the show, after all they're enjoying it in their own way too. Also, I really like Bill Burr, his Monday Morning Podcast is so entertaining, his new TV show F is For Family is also great (season 2 is being finished as I write this) and his appearances in Breaking Bad, New Girl and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee are excellent.

It's the same with loud talkers at music gigs. It is difficult to not judge others by your standards, but when they are breaking the social norms (respecting the performers and fellow audience members) it's difficult to ignore. Admittedly, I don't know what the answer is here, whether you should have a word with them or ignore them and focus on the show, both are pretty crapy things to be made to do.

We tried to ignore them and we did enjoy the show, but it was undoubtedly disruptive.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.


Speak to you Friday,

- Josh

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