Doing nothing will get you nothing.

I was having a chat with a good friend of mine that has started a business overseas and he's doing well. We started discussing what happens if a venture doesn't reach the goals we have for them and how would we know if it's time to close the doors.

We came to the conclusion that it could be any time, wether that's not making enough money, having to work too many hours, or just not enjoying it. This also applies to being in a band.

I've had some experience of band break-ups and it's not very nice, it has so many similarities to a couples relationship and also business.

We invest time, money and sweat into projects that are heading in one direction, but that changes over time, even more so when you're working with other people. The chances that you'll all want the same thing for the life of the project is slim. Sometimes you grow apart, but sometimes it's not mutual.

Every band has a crisis of confidence from time to time. There is no formula to guarantee a record deal. You have to try what you can and hope for the best, some people are not comfortable with this uncertainty and that's understandable.

Providing you are enjoying the process the outcome doesn't matter. I think that's the point of most things. It's nice to get what you want but often the real achievement and happiness is in the process of working for it.

Nothing will come of nothing. - William Shakespeare

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p.p.s The image on this post is of my rad dad in his first band.