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How To Practice Effectively.

Happy Friday!

Here is Friday 3rd March's Top 5, feel free to share it around with whomever you think appropriate!

1) Video of the week.

Ted-Ed - How To Practice Effectively.

It's a very brief and very fascinating look into practising, something I think we can all benefit from.

2) Track of the week.

Chance The Rapper - Same Drugs.

His new album is really, really good. Part homage, part new. Someone to watch.

3) Quote of the week.

"Love is wise, hatred is foolish" - Bertrand Russell.

4) Podcast of the week.

How I Built This - Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari.

Another excellent episode of How I Built This and a really interesting insight into one of the first silicon valley entrepreneurs.

5) Gig of the week.

PHP PRESENTS: LAUNCH NIGHT#1 at The Garibaldi, Friday 3rd march, 20:00.


Speak to you Friday,


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