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Afternoon folks, here it is. Friday 28th October top five. It's my consolidated list of all things awesome this week. Feel free to share it around with whomever you think appropriate!

Here we go;

1) Video of the week;

Team Sleep - BLVD. NIGHTS - Woodstock Sessions.

2) Track of the week;

Mura Masa - Love$ick (featuring A$ap Rocky).

3) Quote of the week;

"“If you’re going to write a book, write a fucking book. - Michael Gerber, Author of The E-Myth Revisited.

4) Article of the week;

Tools of Titans - Tim Ferriss

The latest book due for release in December, check out the free chapter he recently posted on his blog HERE.

5) Gig of the week;

Century City @ The Garibladi, Friday 28th October


Speak to you Monday,


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Adam Buxton is my legal high dealer.

"Variety is the splice of rice." - Adam Buxton

Powerful words from Dr. Buckles there, and some great words to heed. I'd also reccomend listenting to his podcast, you can find it here.

I've been listening to some music outside of my favoured genres this week and it's been great. I've had some Trap (Mura Masa pictured below), some dancehall and some house and the change of pace is really interesting. I tend to listen to a lot of Rock and Metal, from Jimi Hendrix to Periphery, but listening to some modern EDM sub-genres has been somewhat up-lifting. I've been more energised and with the addition of a large coffee my productivity has been off the charts.

Obviously, that isn't sustainable, it doesn't take much caffeine to give me the jitters and send my heart into erratic rhythms, which really stresses me out. I've found that the right music can give me that same energy boost, without the come down. It's something worth testing.

In this week Audio Works Podcast I spoke to Kate Williams about Yoga and the use of music within each session and it's the same principle. It's supposed to aid the task (yoga movements and meditation), without drawing too much attention to itself. That's what music can do, sometimes it's about listening to and analysing the music, and sometimes it's a soundtrack. Choose your soundtrack wisely and it can really help.

Speak to you Friday,


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Yippie-kay-yay, Mr. Falcon!

Hey folks, here it is. Friday 29th July's top five. It's my consolidated list of all things awesome this week. Feel free to share it around with whomever you think appropriate!

Here we go;

1) Video of the week;

Mura Masa - Lovesick Fuck - I've only just discovered this artist, it's a whole new genre to me, but I really like it. It's re-ignited the production bug in me too.

2) Book of the week;

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The 7 Secrets of Awakening the Highly Effective Four-Hour Giant, Today - If you like the TV show, you'll love the book. Every sentence is a hilarious quote. The fastest I've finished a book, ever.

3) Quote of the week;

“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.” - James Cameron

4) Documentary of the week;

Grizzly Man - It's a fascinating documentary about someone that's clearly got more going on in there head than they are letting on. Directed by Werner Hertzog.

5) Thing of the week;

Distraction Pieces Podcast. - It's a great show, and with over 100 episodes you're sure to find a few to get you on your way. The Drunkcasts are also hilarious.

Speak to you Monday.



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