zoom h2n

The one upgrade to rule them all.

If I just get that piece of kit everything will be fine.

I've thought that a lot over the last 6 years, mainly because starting a business means all funds go to that and any personal purchases need to be REALLY justified. I often think that this extra piece of kit, this upgrade, or this new thing will make my mediocre thing exceptional, and that's rarely the case.

I put off starting a podcast for 2 years because I was waiting for the money to setup a professional broadcast quality studio, I finally realised it's more important to get it going, than get it perfect from the start (which is nearly impossible).

I bit the bullet, bought a budget all rounder microphone (Zoom H2n) and got cracking. I'm so glad I did because I've got to have long conversations with people I really respect and am intrigued by. If you haven't heard it treat yourself to an hours listening, CLICK HERE for iTunes or here to listen in your browser. Pick one at random and if you like it subscribe. There are so many amazing people, and they're all around us. It could be better sound quality, it could be more polished and produced, but I'd rather have it in it's current form than not at all.

It's the same with this blog. I was holding out for some kind of approval that I had interesting stuff to say, but in the end I knew I had to stop making excuses and get going. I'm not a great writer, and maybe I'm not interesting to you, but as with anything some of you will like it and some of you will hate it, and that's OK.

So, stop making excuses and get going, it's far better to get started and adjust along the way than it is to postpone for the ever-evading perfect moment.

If I can help you with what you're doing please get in touch josh@audio-works.co.uk.

Speak to you Friday,