Boy George and a Navy SEAL.

Hey, here it is. Friday 1st July's top five. It's my consolidated list of all things awesome this week. Here we go;

1) Video of the week;

VUKOVI - Boy George

A friend of mine (from the awesome band Wolfetone) recommended Vukovi to me, and they're great. They have plenty of stuff on YouTube, stick it in your Google hole.

2) Gig of the week;

DJ Andy Skank @ The Garibaldi.

Local Northampton hero Andy Skank will undoubtably supply a whole evening of music you can't help but dance too. It promises to be eclectic and soulful. Awesome local pub too (The Garibaldi). Get involved.

3) Quote of the week;

Work will work when noting else will work. - Shay Carl's Dad

I hear Shay Carl say this on Tim Ferriss' podcast. I like this, I feel that I don't have a particular talent or gift for any one thing, so I find reassurance in the idea that just working hard can get the same results.

4) Article of the week;

12 Rules for Learning Foreign Languages in Record Time.

As I frequently start and stop in my quest to learn a language, I always come back to Tim Ferriss' language learning tips. I'd reccomend starting here. Also, try Duolingo, it's a free, easy app to help you on your way.

5) Thing of the week;

Jocko Podcast

Jocko Willink is a former Navy SEAL and general badass, the type of guy that gets up at 4.30am and works out. His podcast is very motivational, if you can handle the pregnant pauses after every word that leaves his mouth. He also wrote a great book called Extreme Ownership, it's very good and is guaranteed to fire you into a more powerful future.

Speak to you Monday.


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